Fix your ipod by spanking it?

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Its common knowledge that you dont want to drop / slam / or hit your expensive electronics, you might break them. Well, what if your expensive electronics is already broken?

I’m writing this in response to the hundreds of comments I received on my blog post about replacing a broken ipod hard drive.

It seems that there is a very unconventional way to fix your broken iPod, without having to open it or spend any money…. beat your ipod up! You heard me right, Slap your iPod!

How to do this:

Hold your iPod so the screen faces the palm of your hand and slap the back of it a few solid times. That’s it.

I personally haven’t tried this, but based on the response to my previous blog post, its worked for over 100 people so far.

Why does spanking your iPod fit it?

Here are a few of my thoughts on why this might work.

  1. Your iPod might have stopped working if the hard drive connection came lose. Slapping the iPod might jar the connection back into place.
  2. The hard drive arm might have gotten stuck for some reason. Spanking the iPod might free up that hard drive arm.
  3. It might just be magic!

I really don’t know why it works but I guess it does. If you have any experience with this post a comment.

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  1. Worked for me, slapped 3rd gen 60 gig really hard while it was making the whirring and clicking noise, hey presto – saved a load of money buying a new one!
    Thanks for the tip

  2. Worked like a dream – ipod was clickng and showing sad symbol – smacked it three times and hey presto a working and charging ipod – thanks very much

    I love ipods !

  3. Thank you so much for this. My old U2 2Gen iPod has been ‘dead’ for 18 months and in my spring clean frenzy, I thought I’d give it one last attempt at CPR. I screwed up formatting the hard disk and thought it was a goner: sad mac, won’t mount, dead hard disk etc. Tried numerous utilities, but then I smacked it on the floor and the hard disk whirred into action and it just mounted immediately! I am over the moon, and absolutely amazed.

  4. My Ipod (30GB) doesn’t turn on.I put on a charger-it says:the battery is very law,please wait.After the sad ipod icon appears.I tried to smacked,but nothing.For me it didn’t work:(If I take off from a charger and I try to turn it on,the sad icon still appears.Any explanation?

  5. WOW!! It freakin’ worked!! My 10year old has been coveting and hunting and Craigslisting and working her fanny off doing menial tasks for her big sisters to scrape money to buy and Ipod FOR MONTHS. She found her sister’s abandoned 20GB Classic that had a sad face years ago, that hadn’t been addressed because greedy big sister just bought a newer one with her Xmas money. Anyway, little sis and I took the sad ipod to the Apple store, and they said “oh sad face not good – new hard drive – you can trade it in for 10%” which got little one all happy – cuz she doens’t know that is pennies off something mommy can’t buy. I proceeded to reset it right there in the store and up it pops. Shame on them! Anyway 2 days later, same sad face and none of the resets will work at all. So, back to the Apple Genius Bar appointment, where they say it is not just the battery, but the hard drive. I found two slap repairs – one that you bang at the re-charge port (I didn’t like that one, so I didn’t) and the second, you hold it in the palm of your hand, LCD screen down and smack it hard like burbing a baby – two good smacks and it reset and is charging! WOO-HOO.

  6. I can’t believe, I’ve been going crazy for about a week, I started thinking of buying a new one and i happened!!!! it works!! Mine is a U2 special edition ipod. First it would appear the apple icon, then sad face and then low battery if I connected it to the computer, on an on again, I spanked it and it works!!!

  7. Or simply disassemble it and reseat the hard drive connector. Had the unhappy iPod symbol on the screen, tried the slap it, it started working, but it didn’t last.

    I figured I had nothing to lose, so I dissembled it and reseated the hard drive connector. It’s been working just fine since then.

    Cost of the repair – $0. Doesn’t get any better then that.. 🙂

  8. Omgg!! My iPod gen 5 classic was starting to automatically reset if I liked it or turned it off or even plugged it in. This work first try. Holy crap!!!! It hasn’t done it since!

  9. YES! YES! Thank you so very much! hahahahaha i almost fell into depression but holy freaking cow it worked for my gen6 ipod classic!

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