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So my kidneys weren’t shutting down, I think I just had crazy body aches from getting another cold. I swear, I’m the sickest person I know… and no I don’t mean sick as in "sick ink" or "sick dirt bike, bro!". I mean sick as in "I am never well". I really think I have "Josh Highlands disease". Once the first of the year comes around, I'm so going to the Dr.

I have taught notPopbot a few new tricks. She hasn’t been online to chat in the last few days, but she has been busy doing other things. Lets just say that she knows A LOT about lyrics these days. Speaking of which, the notpop lyrics database is doing really good. It's growing really fast.

Jason Keller is leaving on Thursday and wont be back until new years eve. I’m going to miss playing Unreal Tournament with him for the next few weeks. We havent got around to patching that hole in my ceiling yet either. I guess that will have to wait until the New Year.

Ryan Gregson fell off of his mtn. bike and shattered his wrist. He had to have surgery, and pins and plates placed in it. That means no guitar for a whole. That poses an interesting question? who will play guitar in xdeathstarx while he heals? We have a show the first week in jan in AZ. I’m guessing that Eric will drop off of vocals, and play guitar, and thommy will come back for one last show with us. I just did the paper work on it… this will be the 7th formation that xdeathstarx has played in, and there has been 13 different people that have been part of xdeathstarx at one point in time. I don’t think many bands have stats like that. maybe its not such a good thing.

Yennys is having a party on Sunday after church. That should be good. I have to go to a wedding in Bakersfield on the 18th for Amy best friend. I have only met her once. The wedding should be good, but I don’t look forward to driving to Bakersfield and back alone. I tend to fall asleep when i drive long distances by myself. Time will tell.

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