gmail, the spam fighter


Some people fear google and their awesome power over the internet. I however, love Google and praise them for what they are going.

I have had a gmail account for some time, but before that I had a personal email address associated with my domain name. Over the last 5 years, my personal email has become useless due to spam. Spam is the price of running a popular (or in this case, a notPopular) website.

I dont know how many times people have sent me something and it just gets lost in the flood of spam.
enter gmail

gmail has an awesome feature that allows you to check you existing email through the gmail service. As an added bonus (the part that excites me the most), they have an awesome spam filter.

From my tests, google catches 90% of the spam that gets sent to me. 20-30 pieces of spam a day is much better then 200-300. On top of that I can check my gmail from my phone or any computer I want.

I highly suggest you filter your pop3 based emails through gmail. Sorry AOL users, AOL doesnt offer pop3 access, so no gmail for you 🙁