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Oh man! I’m really excited about this. Last time I was behind a mic was a long time ago (unless you count my podcast).

My friend James Johnson runs the .NET User Group for the Inland Empire. He was having a special program to showcase some of the most valuable members of the .NET community in the Inland Empire. It was a pretty big deal, where were over $40,000 in prizes being given away to the winners., a great site that covers tech events in Southern California, were going to be at the awards filming interviews with the participants and sponsors. One snag, all of their corespondents for TechZulu were on assignment. James hit me up and asked me if I could fill in and be a guest correspondent for TechZulu. He didn’t have to ask me twice (James blogged about it here).

The people that we interviewed at the event were very cooperative and had a lot of good things to say,  Efren from TechZulu is a great guy, and way fun to hang out with. I’m excited about the type of things he is doing to bring attention to tech in so. cal. Im glad I got to help contribute to their efforts. I’m going to try to make it to some of the event they have on their calendar

I was also very impressed by the .NET user group itself. It was great to see that many developers in the Inland Empire coming together to build a strong community. I was born in the Inland Empire, and have lived here all my life, and worked as a developer here. I think that the IE has a wealth of tech resources, so it makes me happy to see people like James Johnson and Efren of TechZulu taking the time to bring attention to developers in the IE.

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