Swine Flu Zombies

swine kiss

I’m not one to panic about outbreaks, I laughed in the face of SARS and the Bird Flu but this Swine Flue has me kind of worked up. I’m also not one for conspiracy theories, but I think this Swine Flu deal is way more serious then we are being told. When the state of Texas closes down ALL sporting events in an attempt to stop it’s spread, you know something is up. People are demanding we close the boarder to Mexico, Obama is addressing it nationally, this is some major stuff! Living less then 2oo miles from Mexico, the place this all started, isn’t settling either.


With the help of the all powerful Google, you can track outbreaks in real time. Things like this don’t make me feel any better.

I like to think of people with Swine Flu as “The infected”, kind of like a zombie movie… 28 days later / I am legend, etc. FREAKING INFECTED ZOMBIES WHO ARE COMING AFTER ME!